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Calling for Emergency Board Up Services: Why You Shouldn’t Put It Off

April 17, 2023

Fortunately, most people don’t think about emergency board up services – ever.

But when they do need help, they quickly realize how essential the service is and how important it is to find a qualified local emergency restoration services company that can help fast.

Many situations call for emergency board up services, including natural disasters, fires and damage to a door, wall or window due to a break-in or traffic accident. If you do experience such an event, it’s important to board up the structure as soon as possible for several reasons.

1. Preventing further damage from the elements.

Emergency board up services are necessary to keep rain, snow and hail from further damaging the building, furniture and fixtures. Rain may also flood the structure, causing even more damage and possibly even posing a fire hazard if water and electricity mix.

2. Keeping out wildlife.

You most certainly want to keep out squirrels, rats, mice, possums … and all those other pests that may want to make your home their own.

3. Preventing theft and burglary.

A damaged window, an unsecure door or even a busted skylight are invitations to would-be burglars.

Residential emergency board up services can help keep a home secure.
Residential emergency board up services can help keep a home secure.

4. Keeping other uninvited guests out.

Boarding up the structure would also keep people from entering the home or business – which they may want to do for any number of reasons, including vandalism, shelter for the night or curiosity. Additionally, it’s important to keep people out in order to keep them safe. If they wander onto your property and are injured, you could face legal action, depending on a variety of factors.

5. Keeping pets and children safe.

More often than not, if a home or business is boarded up, it’s vacant. However, in many situations, only one area of a dwelling – such as one window – needs to be secured. In that case, not addressing the issue as soon as possible may be dangerous for curious pets and children.

It only takes a few minutes to call for emergency board up services, and it should be one of the first things you do after a manmade or natural disaster. In our case, we would be able to get to your property within the hour, so you can move on to other issues you will need to address.

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