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Why You Need Water Restoration Services after Water Damage in Your Home

June 26, 2023

Water damage in your home may be more serious than it looks.

What you should do after serious water damage is clear: You need to fix it and fix it fast. But even if something looks like just minor, cosmetic water damage, it’s still important to seek water restoration services.

Otherwise, you could face a myriad of issues – some more significant and costly than others.

5 Reasons Why You Should Address Water Damage as Soon as Possible

Storms, floods and burst pipes can wreak havoc on your home. It’s important to identify the underlying issue, as well as complete the repair overall quickly.

Here’s why you should get that water damage repaired sooner rather than later:

1. Because your home is your haven

A small patch of mold on your ceiling might not be a reason to lose sleep at night, but it can weigh on your mind while your eyes are open. It’s there, all the time, right in front of you – ruining the appearance of your ceiling and simply giving you the blues. A simple fix can make you happier in your home, and you deserve that very basic peace of mind.

2. Because it will get worse

That small patch we mentioned above? It will most likely get larger, depending on the type of mold you’re seeing. The mold will eventually expand into other areas of your home, possibly even onto the frame.

3. Because not doing so will cost you

Whether it’s that small patch we just mentioned or more significant water damage, not repairing it soon will cost you in several ways. If that damage does expand, the repair will be more expensive. If you’re thinking of selling your home, you risk getting less for it due to the stains or breaks. If you’re upset about the appearance of your home, that damage is taking its toll on your happiness as well.

4. Because it’s dangerous in many ways

Mold in your home is hazardous to your health, especially if you or someone in your household has respiratory issues. Mold can lead to allergies and asthma flareups. Additionally, depending on the severity of the damage, you may even risk a part of a ceiling collapsing or a part of the floor rotting away.

5. Because you love your warm, comfortable, happy home

A storm, flooding or broken plumbing may leave you displaced. The sooner you obtain water restoration services, the sooner you can be back where you belong.

6. Because history will repeat itself

A roof leaks after a storm for a reason: it’s damaged. Whether the roof was damaged in a recent storm or it was damaged in the past, water will continue to leak until you fix the break.

7. Because prevention is key

Not repairing minor water damage in your home weakens the respective area. If a heavy storm comes your way, you could be faced with significant damage that could have been prevented.

An air dryer is used to remove water in a home.
One of the many reasons why you should contact a water damage restoration company is becausethey would have the necessary equipment to repair the damage in your home andclean up properly afterward.

Why You Should Get Help After Water Damage

In addition to addressing damage as soon as possible, it’s important to contact a professional to do it for you.

Water damage restoration is not easy.

Clearing flooded basements, repairing collapsed roofs, removing mold, addressing burst pipes and mitigating future disasters requires extensive equipment, experience and expertise. Trying to do it alone could end up leading to more damage, will be stressful, can be extremely messy and would require expensive purchases. Cleaning up after the repair can be complex as well.

Beyond all that, unless you have expertise in disaster restoration, you might not recognize all the things you must do before, during and after the repair. There are many things hidden under the surface, and if you don’t recognize them, you could end up repairing something that will need to be removed and repaired again later.

If you need water restoration services after water damage in your home, contact us to schedule an appointment. For emergency assistance, call our 24/7 hotline.